DNS in nodeworx

I am not able to use ns1.my_domain.com & ns2.my_domain.com for “Default DNS Servers” in nodeworx.

There is a problem at my domain registrar that the “registered nameservers” (ns1. & ns2.) for my domain not being created (it doesn’t even show up as created) I have contacted their support and (finally) they said they would update the correct IP and it would take 10 days (even a new domain doesn’t take that much to propagate) and I am not sure they would solve the issue after 10 days.

I got to do the move and only a few days left.

Now the question.
If I use a third party DNS (e.g., everydns.net) for “Default DNS Servers”, what records I should create for it to work. I am new to this and I just thought how it goes to be in a VPS and I signed up a cheap plan. But I am not using it till now due to the DNS issue.

Is it possible to use a third party DNS and make it work?
If so, Can any one help me?


Can yoou PM me the domain name and I can do some checking for you.

Also, have you imported your sites into Iworx yet? If not then all you have to do is set the nameservers they have given you and Iworx will create the records.

If you have already imported the sites then you will need to manually edit the 2 (or 3) nameser records in EVERY DNS zone – this can be done from NodeWorx.

The third party dns management company will tell you what to put in the NS records. You will probably need to give them the IP that your website is assigned to.

Sorry for late reply. I have cancelled the vps. (it was unmanaged and they didn’t provide any nameservers)