DNS issues and CNAME

I had a customer that was playing around with dnsreports.com and he placed his domain in to check it and this is what he got back (I removed the real domain, also the server this site is on is handling the DNS)

WARNING. Your web site (www.wxyz1234.com) has a CNAME record
pointing to wxyz1234.com. That by itself is confusing, but
acceptable. However, the CNAME record in this case causes an extra DNS
lookup, which will slightly delay visitors to your website, and use
extra bandwidth.

Well I looked in NodeWorx and in DNS Zones for this domain and the only CNAME that is set up for this domain is ftp.wxyz1234.com and www.wxyz1234.com

Any ideas as to what that warning really means?

Its not a problem, its just the default DNS setup on Iworx boxes means that the actual A record for the domain is set as; domain.com and www is a CNAME record to it. It just means there is one extra DNS lookup when finding the IP address of the actual website, however it means if you ever have to update IP addresses you only have to change it once, maybe twice and not for every single A record :wink:

Hi R-n-R, as EverythingWeb said this is not a problem. It is the expected behavior and has never been known to cause significant problems for anyone. When the system was put together way back when the guys put it through a boatload of tests before settling on how they do things.

Creating the SiteWorx account as www.mydomain.com (note the www) might remove (A while back someone suggested it but I’ve never tested it personally) this but there really isn’t anything wrong.

OK, Thanks guys, for clearing that up, I appreaciate the info!