DNS issues

We’re experiencing some strange DNS issues, and I’m not sure if it’s something local on our server or if it’s more of a global issue.

We recently moved a bunch of domains from an old server running Ensim Pro, to a new server running Interworx. I registered my new nameservers with Network Solutions, and updated the domain record of all of the domains I moved. A ‘whois’ of the domains in question show that the authoritative name servers are correct.

We’re seeing two anomalies:

  1. Occasionally some of the domain aliases won’t resolve. For example, domain.com resolves to an IP address, but www.domain.com or ftp.domain.com or mail.domain.com don’t. Sometimes the aliases resolve, but the main domain doesn’t.

  2. Some nameservers don’t appear to be picking up all of the DNS entries. I can nslookup domains from home, using SBC’s name servers, and they will resolve, but a customer in Pennsylviania tries an nslookup using his local ISP’s nameservers, and gets a dns failure error.

The domains were all moved almost 2 weeks ago, so it shouldn’t just be propagation delays.

A related question is why on earth you didn’t just use BIND, which is pretty much the de facto standard on Linux, instead of djbdns? :wink:


Larry Hiscock