DNS Not Resolving Everywhere... Particularly Sub-Domains

I migrated from one VPS (leased) to another (on my own hardware in a new location). I installed Interworx on a clean install of Scientific Linux 6.4 and migrated all of the accounts from the old server to the new. There were a few problems with the migration but it appeared everything was fine afterwards until some permissions issues presented themselves. I’m left with one last problem (that I know of). Some domain and all sub-domains (from what I can tell so far), are not resolving everywhere. Even mail.domain.fm, automatically created by Interworx, doesn’t work everywhere! Everything has been configured for two weeks.

Here are some screenshots of one domain on my server. I have several sub-domains that were created as secondary domains to keep their directories separate from the main domain. Creating them as sub-domains does not seem to make any difference.

The screenshots below are on another domain on the same server that isn’t resolving everywhere.

Any ideas?

Thank you,