DNS Servers for RESELERS


I do not want to create 2 dns servers per reseler account. Because, for example, every dns servers use one dedicated IP, so I’ll need a lot of dedicated IP.

My idea is to create 2 “shared” dns servers (general and generic)

I’d like to create two dns servers called for example ns1.dns-servers.net and ns2.dns-servers.net

Then I’ll ask to my reselers to use these dns servers

To do this I’ll done this
1- Register a new domain called dns-servers.net

2- Register at the registrar (domainsite for example) 2 new dns servers based on this domain :
ns1.dns-servers.net ip (a dedicated ip of the interworx-cp box)
ns2.dns-servers.net ip (a dedicated ip of the interworx-cp box)

On interworx-cp box
3- Create a new siteworx account named based on the domain ns-servers.net

4- In the dns zones of this account,
- ADD two A records
ns1.dns-servers.net A
ns2.dns-servers.net A
- Change the two records NS by
dns-servers.net NS ns1.dns-servers.net
dns-servers.net NS ns2.dns-servers.net
- Change the SOA record by

5- Restart under nodeworx the dns services for these 2 IPs

Then I’ll ask to my reselers to use these two dns servers as their own ones in their reseler panel.

Do you think it will work ?

The other idea I had, was to create a reseler account with this domain, and do exactly the same modifications on the dns zones, but add these two new dns servers as the primary one and secondary one of this new reseler account (I don’t know how nodeworx use, and how it knows that the IP1 and IP2 will serve zones under the name ns1.domaine and ns2.domain, maybe the reseler panel allow to do this)

Maybe there is others slutions to not have to create 2 dns servers for every reseler accounts.

All ideas are welcome



Do you think it will work ?

Definitely, we create dns29-1.nexcess.net dns29-2.nexcess.net for example for resellers on one of our reseller boxes and they use it as their “generic” dns servers.