DNS Tinydns -> Bind


My DNS servers are currently BIND servers. How do I configure them to be slaves for my CentOS I-WorxCP boxes? I’ve read over the DNS documentation you currently provide but see no answer to this particular setup.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. Please see this other thread where a similar question was discussed:


So axfrdns is not an option with this software. . .

Okay, so it seems I need some clarification. I have client A who has a GoDaddy domain. Client A’s account/domain is on “unit1.onlineisus.com”. What do I tell Client A to place in their DNS information for their domain at GoDaddy?

Currently, I’ve just been adding their domain to my Bind servers ns1 and ns2.onlineisus.com manually. But this has the obvious draw backs of none of their changes to their DNS in the control panel taking effect.


I know that there is something out there on the net that can convert BIND data to TinyDNS data, maybe that works for you?

The easiest way to do this is to register a new set of nameservers for each server.

ns3.yourcompany.com and ns4.yourcompany.com

You could do

ns3.iworx.yourcompany.com and ns4.iworx.yourcompany.com


iworx1.yourcompany.com and iworx2.yourcompany.com

Here are the instructions on how to do that if you don’t know how

If you don’t want to do this for every single server, you will be able to sync dns with other iworx boxes in the next release so worst case scenario you will have two nameservers for your bind boxes and two for your iworx boxes.