dns update delay after dns changes, add (sub)domain etc

Hi, I did noticed that there is apparently a dns delay after doing dns changes on iworx until they get live, for eg. if I add a new subdomain on iworx, then just do a dns lookup to server for that new subdomain it only actually returns SOA record, no A, etc… if I keep doing lookups to the server, after some time like 3 minutes (not exact) it returns all updated records finally.

The 3 minutes isn’t obviously a problem, but… if a client user add’s a subdomain and then just access it on browser it will obviously fail, and real problem is that this (soa only reply) will get cached at isp server, user router, pc os, etc… thus causing the new subdomain to be unavailable for a reasonable amount of time :frowning:

Anyone else can reproduce this as well? is there any workaround for it, some dns daemon setting or something?

Hi Nars,

This is because the tinydns data file is only recompiled during the fively (every 5 minute) cron job. Essentially this means your updates won’t be reflected by the DNS servers until after the fively cron runs.


I understand it, but, no chance you could just force an instantaneous recompile right after a new domain / subdomain being added?