DNS zones when creating an account w API


When I create a new siteworx account using the API there is only one NS record in the DNS zones of this account.

The NS record correspond to the second DNS server. The first one isn’t here. Also, in the SOA record there is no dns server defined, only <<default>>

That doesn’t cause any pbms for .com .net etc … zones but for AFNIC zone .FR this is a pbm. I have to add for every accounts the primary dns server both in SOA and the dns records


We’ve had one other report of this Pascal and are checking it out. The API has been completely re-written for the next release and I’ll verify that this bug isn’t included with the rewrite :).


hmm, I currently have problems with Whois.Cart API after the upgrade to v2.1 (have opend a ticket about this). But since this problem occured I tried creating an account manually in NodeWorx and this gave exactly the same symtoms as pascal describes regarding DNS, though the account was added manually.

Have you any news on this matter?
Anyone else experience the symtom?


I saw your ticket Tsl and we’ll be checking it out shortly. We’ve had no other whois.cart reports as of yet.