DST affecting mail time?

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into this.

I use my Iworx server for my mail (I run say domain ‘x.com’ on my server, so all emails sent to int@x.com are picked up from my Interworx box), and all incoming emails that I receive seem to have the correct time. Therefore, if I receive an email and my computer time shows it is 1:15am, the timestamp on the email shows as 1:15am as well.

However, one of my clients has mentioned email time being off when she receives her emails daily, ever since DST a couple of weeks ago. I looked into it, and have had her send me screenshots of emails i’ve sent to her, coming in at the ‘old’ (pre-DST) time, both in Outlook and in Horde. My question is - what dictates the time that will be displayed on the email? And how can her emails be on the pre-DST time, but my incoming emails aren’t?

Is there a per-user timezone setting that i’ve never before noticed in Interworx? If it was only occurring in Outlook, I would assume her time-zone was not set correctly (that she had not applied the Windows DST patch), but the times in Horde are off as well!

Hi Int,

It is most likely a mail client (including Horde) issue. Qmail uses GMT when timestamping emails:


and most email clients will override/generate their own “Date:” header. InterWorx doesn’t have a timezone setting, and we didn’t patch Qmail with the local timezone patch (i.e., Qmail on InterWorx boxes uses GMT too). Horde, however, does have a timezone setting.

Hope that helps,

Actually, I should say, Horde has a per email user timezone setting. :slight_smile: