Duo Security

Hi InterWorx,

I was just wondering if you guys have ever considered integrating 2FA.

We’re starting to use Duo Security, and it just feels like something that would be great to have pre-rolled into InterWorx for both SSH and the option of NodeWorx or SiteWorx logins.



PS - More info here: https://www.duosecurity.com/docs/duounix

Two factor authentication does tend to come up every few months, but it hasn’t made the official roadmap in any capacity yet. If there’s strong interest, let us know by responding to this thread, maybe we can get it moved onto the map!

Thanks for the quick reply!

Would really be cool to see it implemented so that you can select if it should be SSH only, SSH + NodeWorx or enabled for SiteWorx too.

Combined with LDAP integration for NodeWorx users (i.e. host staff) this would be a massive boost for security and easy administration.


I can see that. From a technical standpoint, the SSH integration wouldn’t be too burdensome, but the NodeWorx/SiteWorx integration might cause some trouble with the API - we use the same authentication procedures for all environments (web, CLI, XMLRPC, etc) so we’d have to be careful.

Yea - I can see how that might be the case.

Still, would be a very neat feature if it could be implemented one day - would save large hosts with multiple servers and staff alot of time. Something that would certainly add to InterWorx’s USP of being very easy to deploy and manage.

In the meantime one of my devs is going to take a look and see if we can do anything with the Duo 2FA by way of a plugin / mod. Will let you know if we get anywhere with it!


Another option would simply be to run an SSH dameon on another port.
Run one for your own implementation and another for the public.

Just a thought.

Google authenticator perhaps?