E-Mail migration from Ensim 3.7.1 to Interworx

We currently have several clients still on our Ensim box that we would like to migrate to our Interworx box. The issue is not migrating in general but the actual e-mail messages. These clients use webmail heavily thus leading us to ask if there is a way to transfer the e-mail messages to Interworx.

Thanks in advance to any assistance anyone can provide.

Karl Wojcik
Diamond Computer Incorporated

Well, when moving some sites off my Ensim Pro 4.0 box, the emails themselves transfered ok, but if they have special email folders set up in SquirrelMail (I assume that is what your using), it didnt work out to well.

Those I moved off the old Ensim box even with the glitches during the move, much prefer the IW box.

Hi and thanks for the reply.

So the mail messages moved over ok? I moved most of our accounts off an Ensim server quite a while ago, and at that point the messages weren’t actually migrating with the site. Now, I’ll admit it’s been a year and a half since I’ve tried to move any more. From what you’re saying, I guess they’ve added the functionality to move messages during the migration.

Thanks for the feedback, and for the tip about the custom folders.

Phil Malmstrom
Diamond Computer Incorporated