Easy way to set all inboxes to a max quota?

So I had a user with a 4.5GB inbox and another with a 8GB inbox. This was causing some load issues when they connected with IMAP.

Is there a way to set a system wide max of lets say 3GB for inboxes, and then let each SiteWorx account set their own quota? So if they put something above 3 or leave it unlimited it will still cap it at 3GB, anything less than 3GB it uses the siteworx number.

If not, maybe a future feature??? :slight_smile:

Hi Jon

Iā€™m sorry Iā€™m tired but I think the setting your looking for is in qmail.

I seem to remember the restriction was lifted when it would restrict to 2 gb limit if you remember.

I think your idea would be exceptional if it could be implemented, and would be lovely to see.

Many thanks