Edit user account in Chrome / WebKit browser (fails validation)

If we edit a user account in Nodeworx, we have to empty the password box otherwise we get a validation error saying we need to confirm the password - even when it has not been changed. Looks like a bug - as it happens on all our boxes.

This, unfortunately, isn’t in our control - it’s your browser being “helpful”, since you’ve stored your username and password for the site.

If you go to add a user, you’ll find your email address is filled in also. The only way we found to fix it on our end was to rename the field to something completely random, which is bad for the API, etc.


You hit the nail on the head… not sure why I didn’t pick that up. I was just testing 4.2 in chrome and thought it was a bug.

It’s a chrome bug then as it tries to set the password on all the account edits!!

Thank you Tim.