Email Address Filters

Hello Community,

As a user coming from the WHM/Cpanel panels I am still learning how InterWorx (IW) handles certain functions. Is there anyway to have filters on a per email address like in cPanel?

From what I am seeing filters are for the whole domain but say joe@domain.tld wants to delete email from newsletter@coolsite.tld but mary@domain.tld (same domain) still wants that email.

It appears IW doesn’t have this function. Cpanel allowed for per email address filters so different users could filter mail on their own needs and not at the domain level.


Hi clevereise

You could be correct, I’m sorry I’m not in a position to check on our systems right now.

I seem to remember though, it might be possible, if not from siteworx account, then by setting it after logging into webmail.

I hope that helps a little, but other users may know.

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I will admit this is a big disadvantage to cPanel as we used that feature heavily because everyone is different. It is silly to force email filtering at the domain only.

Hi cleverwise

I’m sorry, as I said I could be wrong and cannot check right now, but if that is the case, I think you might be the first to raise it, but again could be wrong sorry.

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I’m sorry, I could be entirely wrong but I’ve thought about this quickly, and my understanding of most email at per user is that the user normally logs into webmail to set their own rules.

On our enterprise mailers, there is the server wide rules, which are set by the server admins then domain rules, which are set by the domain admins and then user rules, which are set by the users.

This is the same with IW and MS exchange, office 365.

To be honest, as a server admin, or even domain admin, I would not want to set rules for all user accounts, if only because of the quantity involved.

I’m sorry if I’m wrong and it would be interesting to know if other users here set rules for their user accounts.

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Yeah. In cPanel a user can log into their email address and set their own individual filter rules outside of Roundmail, Horde Mail, etc. This way the filters get processed even when checking email from using a POP3/IMAP client like Pegasus, Outlook, PopPeeper, Trillian, etc.

Thanks for your replies. :slight_smile:

Hi cleverwise

The rules set in roundcube etc are processed at server side and not only when logged into webmail, roundcube etc,

To be sure, I setup a simple test, I logged into webmail using a user account, and set spam filter to reject my email address.

I then sent an email from my email address, and it was returned back to me by the mail servers, stating undeliverable. Thinking this might be because I still had roundcube open. And logged in, I closed all program’s and sent another email, same result, undeliverable.

I then deleted the rule and restested, email went through lovely.

On checking the logs of both mail servers, it is clear it is completing server side and not just when using webmail.

So your users set their own rules via webmail, which are processed at server side, and the user are in control of their spam rules.

This is the way I always believed it worked but your post made me doubt it on our IW servers, sorry.

I hope this helps

Many thanks


Wow! Thank you for the response and testing that function!

Our case isn’t hosting for the public but for our own company websites. I have plenty of knowledge to run Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc and manually compile those anyway. However I have a strong dislike for manually maintaining a mail server, which I have done in the past. It is such a hassle. Thus my usage for IW will be to help manage email and not websites.

In our situation we don’t use much webmail on the server but external IMAP and POP clients so it is good to know those Roundcube filters are processed even without accessing that software package. I can probably count on one hand in five years I logged onto a webmail client with our WHM/cPanel setup. I did however use the filter setup many times which cPanel doesn’t require logging onto a webmail application like Roundcube.

I will be able to soon migrate our company email off WHM and onto our IW setup. Thanks again for testing this feature.