email and hosting in different servers


How can the mail service be desactivated on a iworx server ? (v.2.1.3)

The customer has his own mail server and he just needs the hosting page service.

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You need to run:


Where “” is the domain you want to have mail hosted elsewhere.


Hi Socheat,

Thank you!

One more question … To revert ? (make available again the mail service for that domain)


Slightly more complicated to re-add a domain to mail services. Here’s what you would do:

  1. /home/vpopmail/bin/vadddomain DOMAIN.COM
  2. delete /home/vpopmail/domains/DOMAIN.COM directory
  3. create a symlink /home/vpopmail/domains/DOMAIN.COM -> /home/UNIQNAME/var/DOMAIN.COM/mail
  4. change the contents of /home/UNIQNAME/var/DOMAIN.COM/mail/.qmail-default to be “|/usr/bin/maildrop /home/interworx/lib/maildrop/spamfilter”
  5. run the command /home/interworx/bin/varpermsfix.pex --siteworx=DOMAIN.COM
    (just makes sure the permissions are correct)

where DOMAIN.COM is the domain in question.


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Why couldn’t you just change the MX record to point to the outside Mail server?

You need to do that too. However, without the vdeldomain command, the server will still see that domain as local, even if the MX record points elsewhere. Only if the server doesn’t “know” about the domain will it do an MX lookup.