Email Box Edit - "Send copy to:" field starts erroneous

Using InterWorx v4.7.3, the E-mail Box Edit form has a bug. The form loads with the “Send copy to:” field already highlighted red, and when the form is submitted the JavaScript error checking triggers with “Please enter an email address” message which points to the field (very nice touch, btw). Clicking away from the message will reset the field’s error checking. After that, submitting the form works fine.

I am using Firefox v4.0.1.

Yep I have seen the same thing here.

Excellent, thanks guys.

This is reproducable in the current release, and I even know why! :slight_smile:

FF4 (and Opera, and Chrome) now have their own built-in validation, HTML5-style. That’s what’s happening - it’s upset about the “Type here for suggestions” text.

It’s already fixed in development. If this is a big issue for anyone, we can probably backport the fix.