Email box/group AND auto respond.

I’m migrating some accounts from our Plesk servers to InterWorx, and several clients had (in the plesk servers):

Email accounts/aliases with auto responders
Email Groups with auto responders.

With SiteWorx, when trying to add an auto respond message, it will refuse it because it is an existing group.

How can we add an auto respond message to an existing email group/account/alias ?

You can’t directly. But you could create an e-mail group with a different name, and use that in the “send copy to” field of the autoresponder.


Is this a limitation of vpopmail or Iworx? In plesk (doesn’t use vpopmail) this is not a problem.
Perhaps worth a feature request ?

I’d argue that instead of a problem, it requires thinking about it differently.

  1. email box with auto-responder
    a) set a vacation message, this acts like an auto-responder, or
    b) create an autoresponder, and set the autoresponder address as the “send copy to” for the e-mail box.

  2. alias or group with autoresponder
    a) create an autoresponder, and add the autoresponder address as a member of the e-mail group, or
    b) create an autoresponder, and add the alias or group address as the “send copy to” for the autoresponder.

Method 1 seems more appropiate i guess…

The way our client had it (the one we have just transferred from plesk).

It is a website of scouting club, with a lot of email addresses (board, administration, leaders etc etc).

the group ‘administration’ for instance has 10 members in it, and each mailbox is again an alias to a different adsres (not hosted with us).
The group has a auto responder with something like “thanks fot the email to the administration, you will get reply soon”.

i.e. Group: (with an autorespond)
-> ->
-> ->

A total of about 50 mail boxes (each of them are aliases) and 10 email-groups.
On top of that, some mail boxes are in more then one group.

(i.e. is in group and also )

Ech group also has a custom auto-respond message. (at the moment, quite a hassle to setup). A “vacation” message would in this case be the best solution i guess.

I’m a little confused. In InterWorx an “email box” is used for pop3 / imap / webmail access.

It sounds like all the non-group email addresses may actually be just “aliases” in interworx.

A short example.

aliases: forwards to forwards to forwards to

autoresponder: (thanks for the email to the admin, you will get a reply soon)

group members:

This setup actually uses zero “email boxes” and therefore zero vacation messages. If they actually do need e-mail boxes with pop3/imap/webmail access then it is more complicated, although doable - the alises would be email boxes instead with “send copy to” filled in with the “forwards to” addresses. I’m not sure why it would be set up that way though.



In the case of this particular client, you are correct. There are (with one or two exceptions) no real email boxes.
Basicly all addresses are forwarded to diferent addresses (i.e. hotmail, or national adsl/dialup isp’s).

(I hate to compare Interworx with Plesk, but thats the only panel we have used next to Interworx) … Plesk does not care if the address is an alias/redirect or whatever. It basicly (can) add an auto-respond message to every type of email address.

Plesk screenshot:

As you can see… quite a list with groups, redirects and auto-reponders.
(and even worse… since its a 7.0.x plesk, no email accounts where auto-created with the restore in Interworx :)… but that was to be expected…