Email Fwd / Qmail / Nodeworx

I was wonder if you use alias or copy to in SiteWorx account settings if this message should be getting scanned for spam with SA? This is with no SMTP level SA scanning just SiteWorx level.

I have had a big problem with AOL being dumb (big surprise I know) and blocking my server from sending email to it b/c my users get some spam at and then my server sends a copy (or alias’s it) to their AOL account which then gets automatically put into their spam box. If they delete their spam box then that email will count as spam against my server.

The only way to NOT have this count against me is for the user to go into the spam box and pick out the mails that were fowarded to their AOL account from their other domain and mark them as not spam and then delete them from their regular inbox.

I’ve asked my users over and over again and they seem to do this for a little while then forget again. Even if they dont delete them directly out of the spam folder I believe if they do nothing after a certain amount of time the emails are deleted automatically and count as spam against my server.

So my questions again:

  1. Does SiteWorx level SA scan check these before getting fowarded out?
  2. Is there anyway to tell the AOL server that its just being fowarded and to trace the block back to the original sender?
  3. Does anyone know of a free or cheap email fowarding service that I could forward to from my box and then to AOL?

Any other ideas on how to get around this problem Im all ears.