email keeps re-sending...

Our client’s emails, every time they send big attachment (1MB and up), the email comes to us, but like 10s or 100s of times, every minute or so.

Anybody had such problem?

right now, I’m having same problem, with one message like this (1MB). On both client’s/sending server (Interworx, qmail) and my/receiving server (Plesk, qmail, courier), I was checking the queue and couldn’t find this message, and yet my mailbox is getting it 37th time (and counting…)

The same thing was happening before, when client’s email was hosted on the same server as ours (Plesk, qmail)

The only pattern I can see here is that both servers are using qmail, and client is using Outlook.

Any ideas?

Hi gRF,

Try changing the Response Timeout setting in NodeWorx. You’ll find it here:

System Services -> Mail Server -> MTA Settings
Under “MTA SMTP Options (outbound)”
Change it to 100, and see if that fixes the problem.


In this case, you reckon the lower is better?

Before the client sent that email, it was set to 1200. After I received multiple copies, I changed it to 60 (but I’m still getting that email, and don’t really know how to stop it)

I think you’re looking at the “inbound” Timeout setting, not the “Response Timeout” setting under the “MTA SMTP Options (outbound)” setting. Can you confirm? And no, I was thinking that 100 would be higher than the current setting.


I was also talking about “outbound” settings. :slight_smile:

if you have time to answer this - in layman terms, what is the difference between response timeout and connection timeout? How do these settings affect message sending?

The one thing that bugs me is that, though the server is hosted in US (both us and client located in Singapore), bandwidth/response-times are very good. The client is using same broadband provider as we do, office of 7-8 ppl sharing the connectio, and all of them using MS Outlook. we, on other hand, are using Thunderbird, and never had this problem, even with very big attachments (10MB). And, all other clients are using Outlook Express, or some using Linux, and never had this problem.

I’m just trying to understand thhings better, and to figure out how to prevent this problem in future. Otherwise, I’ll have to move only this client’s email to some Singaporean hosting co.