Email Problems

I am having some issues with e-mail on one of our servers. Secure POP3 works, however insecure does not. I have attempted to restart the POP3 server via the MDA section of NodeWorx to no avail. When I attempt to establish a connection to the mail server via telnet, the connection is opened without a problem, but I never receive any type of message header as you normally would. Example:

When connecting to the pop3 port on

+OK <>

That message is sent back from the server. However, when connecting to the domain in question (, no message is sent back form he server.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This issue has been resolved. For those interested, there is a current bug in InterWorx where “0” connections on the MTA page actually means “0” connections, and not “unlimited”. pop3 connections were set to “0”, thus not allowing any connections at all. Setting it to something higher fixed the problem.

Well I was just about to update this thread and say the issue was resolved but Socheat[URL=“”] beat me to it. Thanks for the help!