Email sapce in use


After the upgrade, where did the mail account space in use gone ? :wink:



space, not [B]sapce :-p


It was moved to the “Edit” screen of each e-mail account. Showing the usage on the list page became very resource intensive if there was a lot of mail in an e-mail box.


Hi Paul,

Is possivel to have a report disc usage ? (http + each of email account)

If a customer is near the limit, he wants to know the space used, that could be a user … if they have 80 email accounts … going one by one is a little time consuming :smiley: I agree with the explanation, but a link to detailed report is most wanted :wink: … http, db and email



Hi Paulo,

Can you open a ticket with root and NodeWorx login information, and we’ll see what the problem might be?


I think there was some confusion about a different issue. You don’t need to open a ticket Paulo.

You could do a du on the mail folder for the domain

Yes, i could … but the phone keeps ringing… clients asking why the space is consuming all quota …

What the clients are complaning is that if there is a problem (let’s go for the worst cenario… mail bomb), who is consuming the domain quota without calling for suport

I understand that if a domain has a lot of email accounts, it takes a while… but going user by user, is not the right answer (thats me saying it)…

an eventual idea … create a link where the siteworx user can check the state of his quota (http, mysql, user account, etc…) … if needed i can post a sample plesk (arrrggg) report … they use a link to do this.

Can you please give us a possible solution ? the clients are still complaning for this removed util :-s



I agree I found it useful and I understand why they took it off. Maybe the default can be without it and then you can click a button to reload the page with that option on or just a popup with just the account name and storage used