Email SSL problem


I have a problem, with the nodeworx SSL email recive. I generated the SSL cert’s, but if i try to log in with thunderbird, the only option is the standard pop3, and startTLS SMTP.

I read lot of topic, but i can’t find the solution.

PLS help.

Hi spingedoc

I hope you don’t mind but I’m thinking this is an issue in your thunderbird rather then interworx. To be sure though, have you correctly set SSL options in nodeworx, and confirmed the correct ports are open, nodeworx, services, mail server and for firewall, it’s displayed lovely when first logged in.

What version of thunderbird are you using

Also, as a final check, have you tested using a different email client.

I hope that helps a little and sorry if I’m wrong.

Many thanks


Hy John,

I have no idea what is the correct SSL setting. I don’t find any relevant informatios about this.
The pop3s, and imaps services run, and the ports are opened in the firewall.

The thunderbirs is the newer one.

Thank you

Hi spongedoc

Many thanks, do you mind me asking if you self generated your SSL or if purchased, is it for multi domains or just single.

The reason I thought it was thunderbird is because the options should be shown for all services, ie none start tls or SSL/tls and if I understand correctly, your saying only none or starttls with no SSL/tls option. If so, this is thunderbird issue not interworx

The question over SSL used is to determine if in thunderbird you first need to accept cert if not matching SSL domain.

I hope that helps

Many thanks


Thank you John!

I accept the simple pop3, and then change to SSL is working, when accepted the certificate.