Emails storage ?

are the emails storage counted in the web space for each siteworx account ?

E-mail storage


The answer is positive: Yes, it is. Is that a concern for you?


No that’s great :smiley:
thank you !

Oh, i have another question…
What about the bandwidth ? Are the emails counted into the monthly bandwidth ?

I’ll give you two guesses. :wink:

So you mean “yes”, don’ you ?
(sorry english isn’t my first language)

Right now, just HTTP is in the monthly’s roman.


ok, thanks Chris :slight_smile:

I’m dumb, I didn’t even bother to read the thread and assumed we were talking bandwidth. Mail is included in storage measurements :slight_smile:


yes i understood that :slight_smile:

  • Mail storage is included in the web space
  • Mail bandwidth is not included in monthly bandwidth