Enabling quotas permanently on CentOS 7 not so clear-cut

Hi Richard

Many thanks, and your fstab does confirm quotas (which is what your first post shows on grep as well), so I’m thinking you don’t need to use grub (for xfs, I think grub is needed)

Also, your fstab shows ext3, but I’m thinking it should be fine

I’m thinking now that centos 7 on ext3 and 4, does need the systemd unit as your first post

IW support will confirm exactly the issue, they rock and hopefully IW or your good self will update your post when resolved.

I think I’ll make this post a sticky as there is good content for grub and centos 7, but it will be tommorow when I’m by a PC, unless tapatalk can do this

Many thanks and have a lovely night


Nathan fixed me up. He pointed out that my fstab needed to state the correct file system so I changed it from ext3 to ext4 and rebooted. I didn’t even notice this mismatch.

Then he 1) created a symlink between the root partition and /dev/root; 2) ran quotacheck; 3) setup a cron job that retains the symlink after booting.

[B]# ln -s /dev/sda /dev/root

quotacheck -cugmf /

crontab -l

@reboot ln -s /dev/sda /dev/root[/B]

Quotas are now working in Interworx after booting.

Thanks everybody.