Ensim > Interworx

I’ve done a full backup through the ensim backup option, then done an import into the new interworx.

changed over the dns and all sites appear to work until they have to access a db. any phpbb/gallery stuff

also site sizes don’t correctly show up in the nodeworx for the sites and such. Is there something that I did wrong when importing the sites?

Also is there no way to import Reseller accounts?

My current ensim is : Ensim Pro 4.0.2-7

Now in the import it says ensim 4.0.3

Would this be the cause of all the problems?

Hi thegoat,

The database names and database user names may have had to be changed to work with the InterWorx naming scheme, which may be the reason the database access doesn’t work “out of the box” after the import. For example the phpBB database configuration file should be checked to make sure it matches the database and database user names as defined by the imported SiteWorx account.

At this time only end-user accounts can be imported.

The account storage calcuation isn’t instantaneous. If you check back in a few hours it will most likely be updated.

Considering the import got as far as it did, it’s probably not a version problem.

If you have trouble determining the source of the database access issue feel free to open a support ticket with the details and we’ll check it out.


One thing i’m running into now is files showing up differently in FTP than in the siteworx file manager.

what i’ve noticed from an ssh session and in the file manager are that any files that are imported from ensim are owned by root and not the user in which they were imported into.

for example from ssh

-rwxr-xr-x 1 bryceina bryceina 4899 Jun 15 20:32 index.html
-rw-r–r-- 1 root iworx 4394 Jun 19 2004 index.php
-rwxr-xr-x 1 bryceina bryceina 3514 Jun 15 20:32 interworx_logo.gif
-rw-r–r-- 1 root iworx 3903 Sep 15 2004 lectures.txt

So the files that are in the /home/bryceina/domain.tld/html/ are all the files from my other server plus the ones that interworx puts in there for the “siteworx” default site.

I believe this is the reason the files arne’t showing up in FTP is because they’re owned by root.iworx and not bryceina.bryceina

What is the cause of this?


We’re checking it out. You can safely chown the files to bryceina:bryceina under the /home/<user>/<domain>/html directory.

If you could open a ticket too with your login info so we can check out the restore file itself that would be helpful.



I have posted a ticket but just another quick note. the reason the file storage isn’t being updated on any of the sites is because all sites i’ve imported from ensim have the same problem with the root.iworx permissions

“The account storage calcuation isn’t instantaneous. If you check back in a few hours it will most likely be updated.”

So they aren’t being calculated because they aren’t owned by the user.

actually I believe that they only have to be owned by the group but yes that’s why - Chris corect me of I’m wrong.

This is a bug in the importer Tim/thegoat and we’ll be releasing an update in the next few days that handles this and a few other recent issues.


It looks like the importing issue has been fixed with file permissions and stuff. Excellent!

One thing I notice is if I import a domain the email isn’t imported?

I currently just use outlook to check my email via IMAP but none of the email is moved over. Is this normal? email isn’t imported?

Another bug/error i’m finding is that after importing a domain, almost always one of the email users is set at a disk quota of 0mb. This causes me to have to delete that account and recreate it with a No Limit quota. Going into the ‘edit’ for that user does not allow me to change the disk quota value.

Email contents are not yet imported, that is correct. It will be in a future release.

Regarding the 2nd issue I will have it checked out thegoat



Thanks for the quick response as always, so I guess my question now.

Is there a way to transfer the current email sitting on an old server to the accounts of a new server?

Or just have all users get their email because the old server is shutting down :slight_smile:

There are 2 ways this can be done.

  1. Simply copy the email files themselves from the boxes on the Ensim box to the boxes on the IWorx-CP box. The mailboxes on the IWorx-CP box live in:


  1. Users can setup an account on the new box and copy their IMAP mail from the old server to the new via IMAP. This is slow but for small mailboxes it can work well.


Looking at the ensim box it looks like mail is stored


and then just a file say ‘bryce’ with 50mb or whatever. How do I move this file over ?

Putting it directly into the /Maildir/<user> results in DON’T DELETE THIS MESSAGE – FOLDER INTERNAL DATA type message with all the messges in the file just sort of dropped in there as text.

Anyone with ensim do this before?

Ensim apparently uses the mbox format, while InterWorx uses Maildir. There are several mbox-to-maildir converters, one of which is mb2md:


The command params you’d probably want to use are:

mb2md -s <original mbox file> -d <temp Maildir directory>

mb2md will create the Maildir structure and files in the path you specified after the -d parameter. Copy these over to the Interworx location.

There’s also the older mbox2maildir, but I didn’t like it because (I believe) you had to set shell environment variables, rather than pass parameters, and that it deletes the original mbox source file after conversion is complete.

Hope that helps.

Also, it seems as if mb2md is capable of converting a whole directory full of mbox files, so the -s can take either a specific mbox file or the directory that contains several mbox files.

Might as well just add more information into this thread.

So i’ve imported about 50 domains and of them many using CMS or phpBB not a single database was imported properly. It will import a database and a user for that database but no actual information/tables are entered.

That was also the problem with the phpbb.

Hopefully this is just a bug and not something i’ve screwed up.

So i’ve moved over all my ensim sites and aside from the fact that no databases were moved over with the importer everything went alright.

Now i’ve come to understand that quite a few users were using squirrelmail. I’ve (with the help of you guys) converted from mbox > maildir.

Now the problem i have is that some of the users had addresses in their squirrelmail folders, these are all saved as .abook files. I’m curious to know if there is anything that I can do to convert these to a .csv file or something? I’ve googled but maybe someone here has done this and imported them into hordemail.

It looks like the abook files are simply pipe (|) delimited and should be easily importable into excel or anything else that understands delimited files.

If you wanted to use the .abook files directly you can copy them to:

/home/interworx/var/lib/squirrelmail/data/<email address>.abook

And they should show up in the iworx-cp squirrelmail interface. Make sure to chown them iworx:iworx, and chmod 600.