error on load.

I am receiving the following error message when I attempt to run interworx. I installed it this morning on a new installation of CentOS using … I am receiving this error message when I attempt to log in.

Notice: Undefined index: debug_templates in /usr/local/interworx/include/INIConfig.php on line 49

I attempted to read the file, but it appears that it is a protected php file and so line 49 is gibberish.

Pattern Recognition Inc.


You can fix the error by adding the following /home/interworx/iworx.ini entry:

Under the ‘iworx’ section add:


I’d also open a ticket so we can check things out as this warning/error may be indicative of a (possibly) bigger problem.


That worked in getting me past the initial error, thank you. Now I am encountering another problem. Rather than erroring out, the default page is blank. I attempted to look at page source, but that was empty. I?m going ot fiddle around with it a bit longer and see what I can figure out.


ok, i believe I know what is causing it. this morning i changed my license type after it had expired. could it be possible that it wasn?t reactivated on your side? I?m going to email the contact I spoke to via email about reactivating my license.


You’re probably better off opening a ticket so we can track things easier. Feel free to paste the prev email in the ticket and give any more explanation warranted and we’ll check it out.