Eval problem: can't create account

Running a single-domain eval license and my SiteWorx Account Management page says:

NOTE: You have reached the maximum number of SiteWorx accounts for the current InterWorx-CP license
No SiteWorx accounts are configured
How did iworx allow itself to get into this condition? How do I correct this?


That’s a good question Bill, I haven’t seen that happen before. If you open a support ticket with the server login info we’ll check it out and get it fixed.


Heh, leave it to me… :rolleyes:

OK, ticket submitted. Basically it looks to me like iworx didn’t completely clean up after itself following a failed account creation attempt.


This issue was resolved via support ticket. Problem was a previous account creation failed (due to some missing packages), and it didn’t clean up after itself completely.


I have just installed Interworx today and am getting this error. Could you please detail what you did to fix this issue?