Event Hooks

I would love to see an event hook system. A simple program, account, module, action, parameters match against a defined table would be great :slight_smile:

Say I want to know every time a user adds a pointer domain. I could set up a cron-ish table with globbing like:

* * pointerdomain add * /path/to/command

So it would match both InterWorx and SiteWorx, any account, SiteWorx pointer domains, adding a new pointer domain, and any parameters (instead of something like “domain=domain.they.shouldnt.add.a.pointer.for,param2=param2,…” and then the path to an executable file, which is passed everything that matched, and all parameters.

Man would I love this :slight_smile: I could notify any number of people every time there was an IWorx upgrade, every time a server was restarted, every time a user added a new e-mail alias… just about anything. Overkill? Maybe.