export in XML


When I try to export my siteworx account in XML format I have this error

Erreur d’analyse XML : mal form?
Emplacement : https://carat-hosting.com:2443/nodeworx/siteworx.php?action=export&mode=xml
Num?ro de ligne 1, Colonne 7 :<!---------------------------------------------------------

Thanks to help me

I have had to create 15 siteworx account for a customer who needs to have multi domain management on only 1 account

So I’d like to verify one or two times a month that he doesn’t (his 15 domains) reach the disk space and transfert limit

I thought to do that using xml



I’ll check it out Pascal, the XML export was one of those coded but never really developed features. It may be that your XML parser (IE in this case?) may just be finicky.