External MX is working but not the site

I configured a domain on the shared IP for my server. It can’t find the server despite working MX.

While trying to figure out why the site wasn’t showing up 48 hrs after NS changes, I noticed the domain listed in the Siteworx Account Management page with a dedicated IP instead of shared. If I change it to shared it keeps saying dedicated. The domain’s Apache vhost file points to the shared server IP.

The zone has an MX for an external mail service that is working. Mail hasn’t missed a beat during the NS switch.

I’d like to avoid deleting the Siteworx account just to add it back. Where should I look next? And why is Nodeworx being weird about the IP on the management page?

Anyone seen this and know the fix?

Can you open a ticket sysnop and we’ll check it out.


Hi Chris,

Deleting the account, restarting the vps, and adding the account back fixed the main problem. The home page didn’t hesitate. And the IP now shows as shared in Nodewox. Thanks for your attention. Sorry I didn’t wait to find the cause.