Extra ips problem

been having a problem with extra ip i have.

Been having problems with my domain, i have primary & secondary nameservers/ip
have added another 2 ips through ip mangement.
When adding a domain account, the domain will only work on the main primary ip.
If i set up my domain using the primary nameserver ip then the website is up and running no problem.
If i try to use secondary namesrver ip or the other 2 ips i added then when browsing to my domain address all i get is the interworkx test page for apache.
i have checked in shell that the ips are listed and are all there, also updated onterworx but the ips all show anyway.

what am i doing wrong ?? is there anything else i have to do to use the other ips.

Thank you

restarted system all up and running now.

anyone know why i can veiw domain.com from my browser but when going to www.domain.com i get “The page cannot be displayed”
my other domain has same dns record and is fine.


Check the /etc/httpd/conf.d/domain.com.conf (obviously, where domain.com is your domain name in question). Make sure that in the ServerAlias line that there’s a “www.domain.com” entry. If not, add it, and restart Apache. The end result should look something like this:

ServerAlias www.domain.com ftp.domain.com mail.domain.com

sorted after re entering and starting apache
thank you for your reply