Feature Request: No More Features.

:stuck_out_tongue: Coming from a cPanel background, I can attest that cPanel has TOO MANY bells and whistles. Clients and end users don’t want 90% of this stuff, and it only confuses them.

I know that these things can be disabled but why not spend the time on security and a good user experience (like you’ve done so far!) rather than the latest bug-filled apps.

I agree. Stability should reign over features. However, I think the next release should be nothing but improvements on the current features.

Having a lot of features isn’t what clutters a software program.

It is all in how you present the end user with the information. Some people only think about the program itself and not on the GUI and end user experience. This is something I consider when developing PHP websites for clients. While in development I always get opinions from my “non-techy” friend?s b/c I know I am biased b/c I am creating the interface as well as being more technically inclined than most users.

This is something InterWorx does very well. So I say bring on the features!!!

PS. Im sure the InterWorx guys will not bring any features to the table unless it makes sense.

BINGO!! That hits the nail right on the head.

There are some very exciting features coming in 2.2 Oaf – both new and enhancements to existing ones.

I’ll leave it to Chris to say how much he wants to say beyond that though, but if you look around here several have been mentioned:

  • .htaccess front end
  • add your own scripts to ScriptWorx
  • More scripts PERIOD in ScriptWorx

Awesome! I can’t wait!