Fedora Core 4 and Interworx-CP 2.1.3?


I read something about FC4 and a 2.1.4-tweak-version for that Fedora Core… I’ve searched for 2.1.4 in the forums but nothing…

Since I have a box with FC4, I really want to know a little more about this!

Thank you a lot,


Hello Juan,

We have a FC4 box and the best thing to do is get the box up & running (if it’s not already) then raise a ticket with Iworx who should be able to upgrade you.

I think Paul did it for us originally, and Socheat has made a few tweaks as we’ve gone along, hopefully all of which have made themselves back into the 2.1.4 release (I know some of the apache management stuff has been back-ported from 3.0 to get things like pointer domains working etc)

HTH :slight_smile: