File Manager - Icons not loading...

Is there anyone here who have a problem with the new File Manager in SiteWorx?

Most of the time all the icons used to do file actions with are not loading at all, and the page is just hanging and won’t complete. More precise it is trying forever to complete request on my server.

My sites on the server runs at topspeed, and so does my Internet connection.

Anyways because of the icons is not loading, the File Manager is totally useless for me, as it haven’t actually worked in weeks.

Totally different question:
When will File Manager be added on InterWorx? Without that there I still have to use an SSH or FTP program to edit and transfer toot files.


Ok, the above problem, is apparently ONLY in the !@#$% Opera browser, sorry for my Danish :slight_smile:

In Internet Explorer the icons is loading fine…