File Manager in NodeWorx

It would be helpfull to be able to copy/move files from one SiteWorx account to the other. For this it would be nice to have a copy of the file manager installed in NodeWorx.

Also, a question: am I missing something? The file manger allows you to rename files but not directories? If there is a way to do this please let me know.


Hi Tim,

There are arguments for and against having a file manager in NodeWorx. It might be considered “dangerous” to have a file manager that has direct access, as root, to the entire server. The jury is still out here though.

Regarding renaming directories in the file manager, you can do this by clicking the checkbox next to the directory name, and then choosing the “move” option in the bottom frame. You specify the new name in the text box.


What if the file manager only had access to the /home directory and it’s subdirectories? With the exception of special users like Mailman, there would only be web and mail files there. Just a thought.

What about the NodeWorx account being added to the groups of all the accounts created?


Perhaps this will make more sense to you if I explain more specifically why I want this.

A number of the sites on my site have the phpBB forum installed. Rather than upload the .zip file to the server each time I want to install it, I have a copy of the current version stored in the /home directory. When I install a new site that needs it I have to log into the shell and use the cp command to copy it into the html directory of the domain that I need. Then uncompress it and change the directory new phpBB to forum or whatever. This would be much easier to do from Nodeworx if the file manager had access to the /home directory.

If you seriously have these security concerns could I suggest that you create a /home/shared directory where I and other users could put shared files into and each SiteWorx account would have access to it either directly or through symlink?

Just a thought.