Fileman at the nodeworx level...

I know, I know, I’m new here and newbies are not entitled to feature requests until they have at least spent their time serving coffee to the developers for at least a 90 period.

But this is a quickie, so entertain me if you will:>)

It would be nice to have fileman access from nodeworx for the entire server, of course using webmins module works just great, however it would be nice to have fileman integrated in nodeworx for server level file management.

I’ll go back to being a humble newbie now!

So how do you like your coffee?


This has been brought up before a couple times. Here’s one:

Read that thread and let me know your thoughts.


After my experience with Fileman thus far, this sounds like a fantastic way to destroy an entire server. :wink:

My thoughts…

I have been doing this for a long time using webmin without any problems whatsoever. I agree with Tim, there are often many times when I need to access the entire server filesystem.

One its nice to be able to see the whole server file system, two if I need to propagate config changes to a number of sites at once such as changing directoryindexing in htaccess files or setting php overrides such as safe mode, or anything for that matter.

In addition as Tim mentioned, if you maintain a set of applications for deployment across several sites its much easier to have one directory where everything is and just copy it from there and drop it into the site you want to install it on.

Plus its easier to edit global config files such as the interworx files, apache files, php config files, etc.

I also use webmins filemanager when I’m debugging things and need to look at various server logs.

I’m not very good at line editors, I have short fat fingers and having an editor makes it much much easier…

You can use nano to edit on the machines after going in using SSH, then using scp to copy files to mutiple machines.

All I can say is that like Lineman, I’ve had FileMan get really stupid and destroy files on me. Having that happen in web app config files is one thing, but if anything under /etc gets fudged, well, only bad things can happen.

You might be right…

About fileman, I’m not really familiar with it.

I ended up installing fileman in its own directory and updating the nodeworx/smarty/templates/menu template to take me directly into fileman.

However, personally I like webmin’s file manager much better so I just changed the link to point directly to webmin’s filemanager. In addition it works in opera :slight_smile:

I take a full backup of my servers every night, so I’m not too concerned about screwing things up, and I usually make sure I create backup copies of any files I’m editing while I’m doing it.