fileman which user is used ?


We have /usr/bin/perl chmoded to 750.

We have a group named perl and evry user who need to access Perl is added to this group by using usermod -a -G perl USER

It works great

but we have a problem with fileman. We have added iworx to the perl group but fileman still doesn’t work

If we chmod back /usr/bin/perl to 755 fileman works

So do fileman have a specific user ?

Thank you


You probably just need to restart the iworx service after adding iworx to the perl group.


I had alreqdy do this. But it doesn’t work. Do you use also suexec ?

It works for all others siteworx accounts who use CGI.


erff sorry but in fact it works. Can’t figure out why it didn’t and now it is… lol maybe a reboot but this exists since few days. We just have not a lot of user who? use fileman.

Anyway it works, sorry

Thank you