FileMan WYSIWYG Problems

I have a site on one of my servers that is using FileMan to make changes & updates to their web site files using the WYSIWYG editor in FileMan. In fact, one of the selling points to put them on my Interworx server was FileMan and FileMans WYSIWYG editor.

However, FileMan has a problem which is causing the site after using the FileMan WYSIWYG editor to use https, for the images and also the html page, in turn causing graphics not to come up and other SSL issues that shouldnt be happening on the custmers site.

Note: Using the FileMan’s text only editor does not cause these issues.

Ironically, the client that is using the FileMan WYSIWYG editor was using FrontPage and wanted FrontPage extensions, however I sold them on FileMan instead and they liked it. NOW with this problem, for them working directly with the HTML code isn’t a option. So now I am going to be forced to move them off the Interworx server and place them on a server with FrontPage extensions. :frowning:

Can you tell me if is working with you guys at Interworx to get this issue corrected?

Thanks for all updates to this issue.

We are aware of this issue, and unfortunately there isn’t a simple solution. We may have to disable the WYSIWYG editor in Fileman altogether, which is obviously not our first choice. We talked to the GT folks about this a bit ago and didn’t get very far, but I’ll check in with them again and see if they have any more insight.

R-n-R, one solution that might work for this client would be to install Fileman into their webspace directly. Since the issue stems from the fact that Fileman is accessed from the SiteWorx https url, putting a seperate Fileman install that he can access from his webspace shouldn’t have this same problem.


Well I hope the Gossmar Thread folks will step up and help solve this issue. FileMan is a great asset to Interworx IMHO. And I now Interworx will be a asset to FileMan.

Until this issue is taken care of I am trying to load FileMan onto the site in question. I am loading via FTP the install.cgi (in ASCII mode) and the install.dat (in BINARY mode) into the /html/cgi-bin directory and the first time I got a Internal Server Error.

The when following these instructions from [SIZE=2]Gossamer Threads [SIZE=2]
“If you are installing from the web, simply go to:
and follow the prompts which will guide you the rest of the way.”
I get a Internal Server Error.

Thinking the files might had been corrupt I deleted off the server I uploaded again and
had the same problem.

Since this is the first Perl script I have tried to run on a Interworx servre am I uploading into the correct directory?


First make sure the install.cgi binary is chmod’d 755.

The two logs you should check are the
/var/log/httpd/suexec_log the user’s error log, which you can check via SiteWorx or at


edit: mentioned wrong log file the first time



Thanks! You know the commercial jingle for the candy bar, “Sometimes you feel like a nut, some times you don’t”

Well I feel like the nut on this one, I was looking for the complex answer, as it turned out I forgot to chmod the file to 755!

Its always the simple things!

Thanks again!

OK, here is a update, got the independent install of FileMan up and working.

I went in to test the WYSIWYG editor and the independent install is having the same problems as FileMan in Siteworx, some of the images are getting the https:// treatment as before. :frowning:

I’d double check that the images in the page started out without the https before you went to edit it - that is unless you’re accessing fileman via https still?


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