Firewall Blocking Port?

I run a Nagios installation on a box outside my primary network to monitor my servers.

I just added the CM of my InterWorx cluster to be monitored by Nagios. It is sending me alerts that MySQL is down., which it is not, it is chugging along fine. On other platforms running other firewalls this is usually due to a closed port.

I have double checked the firewall both via the GUI in the Server Menu in NodeWorx and via the actual APF config file and it shows MySQL (port 3306) as open.

Any ideas as to what else it could be? It is not my Nagios server not reaching the IWorx box because it does properly detect the status of the other services.

Thanks in advance for your help!


1: The MySQL is down
2: He can’t reach the server and thats the reason he says: MySQL is down.

Open de port what nagios is using, maybe is that the problem,

Thanks but MySQL is up and the port is open on both ends. My Nagios monitors MySQL on many other servers on port 3306 so I know Nagios does not have a problem with that port.

Also Nagios monitors the rest of the services on this server with no problem so I know there is not a connection problem with Nagios reaching this server.

This is why I am perplexed Port 3306 must still be closed to outside connections even though it is open in the firewall on the server I am trying to monitor. Any other ideas?

I would just confirm mysql is listening on the port if you haven’t already

netstat -an | grep 3306