Firewall GUI

The firewall interface is very nice, but has one small problem. I just moved ssh to a non standard port. The GUI worked well, but I could not name the new rule. So it now shows as ‘N/A’ instead of a friendly name for the port usage.

It would be nice if I could give any non standard ports opened a custom name to remind me of what they are for.

We had thought about it macooper, but the firewall interface uses the /etc/services file directly to do its mapping and we really weren’t keen on editing that file to move service port/name mappings around. We’ll still consider it if folks start asking en masse.


You can manually edit the file and add your own ports in… I added a few custom ones for Secure IRC connections, IRC server linking ports etc :slight_smile:

I think it would be nice to have a friendly name even if you just store it in a Iworx DB table somewhere and not in an actual config file. Not sure if you are already using a table to hold that firewall info or if you are just parsing the APF files, but I agree it would be a nice little extra.

Like for opening up ports for a Battlefield 2 server, could see “BF2-main” for 16567 instead of N/A :cool:

Fr3d is right, you can manually edit the file and get them to show up. We’re honestly just trying to thwart complexity here and keep things as simple as we can. But we’ll reconsider once the next release comes out and we get to retouching the firewall area(s).


OK, thanks Chris,
I wouldn’t want to edit the /etc/services file just for this. But if it was possible to add a database table to interworks that stored names for any ports not in the /etc/services file, and display those instead, that would be really nice. Or maybe only look in /etc/services for ports that didn’t exist in the db table, so that we could rename existing protocols to more friendly names if required.