Fonts used in Iworx images

may I ask what fonts are used in Iworx-CP images (i.e siteworx/nodeworx logo, welcome_siteworx.jpg etc)?
I’m doing some theming and translating and would like to keep the original look on the text buttons. Also, I like the font used :slight_smile:


The inter/site/node text is Futura. The worx is BankGothic. I’m not sure what the ‘welcome to siteworx’ is but I’ll see if I have the psds handy to find out.


Thanks for the info,
It looks like the welcome_siteworx.jpg…etc… also use the Bank Gothic font. Nice one, I will have to purchase it.

Any chance to get hold of the psd’s for the Interworx theme (I guess without the text)?