forwarded email stops working?

I have about twenty email aliases setup on a SiteWorx account and they all seem to have stopped working…

Here’s what is supposed to happen:

user sends email to
email is received at and forwarded to
email is “spam filtered”
email is retrieved using POP3 through gmail.

This normally works flawlessly and spam filters all my mail…

However, the mail isn’t making it into my server and/or getting sent on to GMail. The only thing in /var/log/smtp/current is this:

@4000000045e2e0182e2a0804 CHKUSER accepted rcpt: from <> remote <> rcpt <> : found existing recipient
@4000000045e2e01837a2551c connect(): Connection refused

Any ideas? Other places to look?


Typically, the “connect(): connection refused” error occurs when ClamAV is set to run, but the clamd service isn’t running. Try the following things:

Check to see if clamd is running:
service clamd status

Then restart the service:
service clamd restart

Restart clamd twice. If it shows up as “FAILED” for shutting down clamd each time, then most likely clamd isn’t being restarted properly. Check /var/log/clamav/clamd.log for possible reasons.


Connect(): Connection refused

That appears to have been the problem. Whew… time to get ready for some incoming mail…

There was a clamav update on Feb 24, the day my mail stopped:

clamav.i386 0:0.90-100.rhe4x

This must have broken the config for this account and re-enabled clamav.

Thanks for a prompt reply…


When I went in to check on the Anti Virus there was a big red message saying “BECAUSE CLAMAV IS ENABLED, BUT NOT RUNNING, MAIL WILL QUEUE FOR AWHILE…”

This should probably be brought to the webmasters attention from the main NodeWorx panel… possibly using some alert system that identifies problem with subcomponents and sets a flag to the front-end… that would have prevented this problem for me anyway.

But, again, thanks for the quick response.


Yeah, that’s a good idea, we’ll take it into consideration.