Forwarders Import

Need some help.

I’m moving from a cPanel to Interworx. On cPanel I have nearly 200 email forwarders into a single email. It looks in Interworx they are called Aliases. Is there a way to import the forwarders from a file (csv for example) or do I need to type-in each one into Interworx?


They should be imported I would say, but if not then it would be one by one.

Well…took the opportunity to learn about Interworx scripting. Came up with what I needed:

while read p; do
  echo $p
  siteworx -u -n --login_domain=[domain] --controller EmailAlias -a add --username $p --forwardsto [mailbox]
done <aliases.txt

Where [mailbox] and [domain] (without brackets) are just that and aliases.txt contains the aliases. For example:


Second day using Interworx, and loving it.:slight_smile:

Disclaimer: Im not a programmer. I just know how to read. So don’t blame if there are more [you name it here] ways of doing it!!! :slight_smile:

Hi hampilot

Many thanks for sharing.

I never thought if CLI but to be honest, I have never had this issue to resolve.

It looks a good resolution though.

Do you mind me asking, did the cpanel import not bring the forwarders across correctly. I believe it should have

Many thanks



Didnt try cPanel import. Plan is to start from scratch. However, wanted to import forwarders instead of typing in one at a time.