"FR&T" is or is not "interworx"?

According to the following url >

This provider’s name is listed “FR&T” which according to the above url says that this provider gives you 1000mb of free space with email pop3, upload with either FTP, Browser, no forced ads, paid ads are allowed, and the relative popularity on this site rates this provider at “75%”.

But once arriving at the link there is no download or registration in order to take advantage of this provider’s offer. So to save me time and the member’s on this forum could someone let me know if this is a “Free Hosting Provider” or not?

                     Thxs very much for whoever answer's this,

                                      Lord Naughton

P.S: This following url is the last link from the above site > http://www.frandt.com/

On this link there are no registrations for new users just folks who already must have this free hosting already.

InterWorx is a web hosting control panel, not a hosting company. The devs are NOT responsible for info on that company’s site.

The InterWorx devs also run Nexcess.net, their how hosting business but it is not affiliated with FR&T

Frandt.com must either be under construction or ?..

So I take it that this link http://www.frandt.com/

here is just either still under contruction or just a dead link?

It has no connection to InterWorx at all so this is the wrong place to ask that. This site is for the designers of the InterWorx software to talk about the software with users and users to talk to users about the software.

Perhaps it would be better if you contacted the owner of the domain?


No one here is going to know anything about it. The site you are inquiring about uses the InterWorx software only.

Contact the domain name owner and ask them about it.