Freshclam stopped and cannot start.

If I go to “Mail Server Management :: Virus Filter Settings” I see an error:

“Reply code 500
Reply text: Generic server issue
Reply data: Null”

Freshclam is stopped and cannot start.

I noticed in the Freshclam log an update today. I do not no it that causes this.

Hi Ziggy -

Please log a support ticket, we’ll have a look for you. If you just want to see a better error message, you can enable debug in Server -> Settings. That will at least give you a more detailed message.


Thanks for your fast answer Tim!

I have enabled “Debug”.

This is the message:

replyCode: 700
replyText: Class Service_FreshClam contains 1 abstract methods and must therefore be declared abstract (Service_Interface::getGeneralName) in /usr/local/interworx/include/Service/FreshClam.php on line 112
0 errorHandlerFatal (0)

That’s an old bug, that’s fixed in the current release…what version are you running? (it should say in the Server -> Settings page)

The current release is 4.2.0-266.

You can install it with

yum update interworx-*


I am running 4.2.0-261.

On “yum update interworx-*” it returns:

Setting up Update Process
Examining interworx_4.0.0.204.iworx.noarch.rpm: interworx_4.0.0.204.iworx.noarch
interworx_4.0.0.204.iworx.noarch.rpm: does not update installed package.
No Packages marked for Update

After “yum update” and restarting Clamav the problem was solved.

Good to hear. :slight_smile: