Front Page Extentions....

Will there ever be a build in option to have Front Page extentions, I know they are evil, but some of do have clients that would like to use it.

Also is it even possible to get FP to work with Interworx? I haven’t been able to as of yet.

We Finally got FP installed, but we can not get it to put the extentions ont the sites. Any ideas how to get Front Page to work with InterWorx?


To get it to work ‘with InterWorx-CP’ is no different than getting it to work ‘with Apache’ as InterWorx itself is really out of the picture. I’d check out the RTR site ( and check through their help docs on using FP with Apache 2. I have yet to try to get it to work with Apache 2 so I’m unfortunately not much help with specifics but I know it can be done.


I can’t believe I missed this thread: I can say from experience that it DOES work and I did get it running (more or less) but that was only on one domain, 10 months, and three servers ago.

The trick IIRC is that each site worx account had to have it’s own root web rather than serve as a sub, web of the server like you’d put together on a local copy of personal web server or IIS.

One of these days I’m going to do it on this machine but it’s sort of down there on my priorities list right now.


Thanks for the help still not working will try again in a week or so.