FTP is running but SiteWorx tends to think not


According to the SiteWorx page, my FTP is not running. Naturally, I try to start ftp from the site but it never does it and gives me “Service Failed to Start”.

Checking the console and I can start and stop proftpd a-okay:

[root@ltsv-2145 init.d]# ./proftpd start
Starting proftpd: \                                        [  OK  ]
[root@ltsv-2145 init.d]# ./proftpd stop
Shutting down proftpd:                                     [  OK  ]
[root@ltsv-2145 init.d]# ps aux | grep ftp
root     24921  1.7  1.2 21676 13004 ?       S    08:59   0:00 /home/interworx/bin/php -c /home/interworx/etc services.php --type=ftp --action=start --driver=ProFTP > /dev/null 2>&1
proftpd  24969  0.0  0.1  3992 1400 ?        Ss   08:59   0:00 proftpd: (accepting connections)

Odd as this is, it is clearly running:

ftp -i
Connected to
220 FTP Server Ready
User (


Followup: the issue might have started since I changed the hostname and made changes likewise in /etc/sysconfig/network and /etc/hosts. Running CentOS 4.1.

NodeWorx does a fsockopen on the ftp port to Can you give that a try and see if you get the ‘ftp ready’ message. Some folks block local ftp connections and this would interfere with the check.


Sorry, how do I go about doing that?

Create a test file called, for example, /home/interworx/nodeworx/html/test.php. In it, put the following code:

$fp = @fsockopen( "localhost",
          30 );
if ( $fp === false ) {
  print "FTP NOT started!";
var_dump( $errno, $errstr );
} else {
  print "FTP started!";

Save ane exit the file, then open up the page in your browser:


If FTP isn’t started, you’ll get a dump of information. If it is started, all you’ll see is “FTP Started!”. If you get this message, try doing a Shift-Reload of the FTP page.


FTP NOT started!int(0) string(7) “Success”

I would assume this would be the same for mySQL (if NodeWorx says its not running but I know it is).

Can you ssh in to your box and try telnet’ing to port 21?

telnet localhost 21

Or, if you prefer, you can open a ticket and we can look in to it.


I’m having the same problem: Interworx CP is showing FTP and MySQL stopped, but I can log into FTP no problem at all! Could this be some sort of bug? (Just asking…;)) BTW, How do I insert line breaks in here???HAHAHAHA!!!

Poooh, we’ve seen this with distros running in languages other than english and are working to fix this globally.


Well, after my first real and proper install, ftp and mysql seem to be down, and they ARE down! proftp will start no problem from the console, but not on boot and not from the panel. It might be from using another language, but i would have thought it had nothing to do! ftp server is ftp server in Spanish, English or Chinese! :wink: Best regards!

This is most likely a problem with the system language not being english, and we have it fixed in the next release. Are the services actually started on the server, but NodeWorx is showing them as stopped? This is the most common symptom.


It seems like the services are started and the panel is showing them stopped…:slight_smile: