FTP Logging in Error


We have had a few reports about FTP services on one of our boxes. Today, after some digging (we have never had an issue, btw ;)) we saw the following in /var/log/messages:

Dec 20 10:47:05 eagle proftpd[525]: (XX.XX.XXX.XXX[XX.XX.XXX.XXX]) - FTP session opened.
Dec 20 10:47:05 eagle PAM-listfile[525]: PAM-listfile: Couldn’t open /etc/ftpusers
Dec 20 10:47:05 eagle PAM_pwdb[525]: get passwd; pwdb: structure is no longer valid
Dec 20 10:47:06 eagle proftpd[525]: (XX.XX.XXX.XXX[XX.XX.XXX.XXX]) - PAM(ftp): Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info…
Dec 20 10:47:06 eagle proftpd[525]: (XX.XX.XXX.XXX[XX.XX.XXX.XXX]) - FTP session closed.
Anyone ideas on this?


Hi William,

There was a proftpd update recently, so it may be related. If you open a ticket we’ll check it out.


Cheers Paul - have done :slight_smile: