FTP: "The Directory Chosen was Invalid" -- but it exists?


I have recently stumbled into a strange problem. I am trying to create an FTP account for someone, but I keep getting the “Directory Chosen is Invalid” error. It is very strange.
This is the path it won’t let me do:


However, it will let me do:


Which makes no sense. Both paths exist, and looking at the directories and they seem to have the same properties…

drwxrws— 16 username usergroup 4096 Aug 23 14:35 tf
drwxrws— 6 username usergroup 4096 Aug 13 19:24 orangebox

[B]So why can’t I choose the one and not the other for an FTP account?? :[/B]

Now before you say, why not just let them access the orangebox directory and just tell them to move into the tf directory. That’s a good point, but the problem is the binaries are in the orangebox directory, and I don’t want them to be able to replace them with other binaries of their own, since the cp I coded allows the user to run them. Security issues.

Its for a Team Fortress 2 server, if that helps – it was installed by a script. So I denno if its taking advantage of some hidden linux permission settings I am unaware of or something? That’s the only explanation I can think of because other than something like that I see no logical reason why it should not work. shrugs

Thank you so very much for help. Their dedicated software has already been frustrating to work with, I’d rather keep my problems aimed at it instead of my beloved interworx!


It’s hard to say for sure without being table to login and investigate, but just in case, adding the “x” bit on “other” for the orangebox directory. The chmod command would be

chmod o+x /home/domain/domain.net/servers/27315/orangebox

See if that has any affect.


Ammagad that worked!! You saved the day, thank you Paul. You saved the day! Its amazing how a little setback like this makes me feel like not working on anything else at all haha so thank you very very much :slight_smile: