General Symlink advice- some work, some don't

A newbie question, for sure :o

I can’t seem to figure out the rules regarding symlinks. I’ve got two different symlinks in my folder- one is “support” which resolves correctly to the folder “support-center”- both are at the /html level of the directly.

In the file manager it’s icon is that of a folder.

Another doesn’t resolve correctly. It’s embedded several layers down in a subdomain folder and it’s linking to a folder embedded several layers down in yet another subdomain folder.

In the file manager it’s icon is that of a file with a question mark.

…and to answer my own question (I think):

Appears to work when I follow two rules:

  1. Login via ssh and creat the link as the site owner, not the root user
  2. make sure the links reside in the html folder or below- links placed outsode here don’t work.

Well yeah, I was going to write that yesterday but I thought it was obvious :wink:

Theoretically you could go anywhere in the /home/user_dir and it would work but outside of there you’d run into permissions problems.